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908 W. Euclid Ave.

This is strictly for review purposes!!

If you are currently seeking an apartment within the Arlington Heights area and have seen the ad for the 1br and 2br apartment located at 908 W. Euclid Ave. In my opinion it is by far not worth the price. The price needs to be dropped at least by $100.

The apartment itself are a nice size and maintained well. The water and heat are included which will literally bake you out of your clothes and make you feel like you are in the tropics. You have to pay for your own cooking gas which is fine. The location of the building are in a good area which is just a few blocks to the heart of Downtown Arlington Heights.

You are provided your own specific parking spot which in my opinion is a great thing. The exit and entrance to the lot is a little dangerous since you are entering and exiting directly onto oncoming traffic.

You are also provided your own storage unit and the building does have ONE WASHER ONE DRYER for the entire building to wash your clothes.

Now if by chance you do not have an alarm clock to wake you in the morning... FEAR NOT !! The Metra train will politely roar by everyday at 5am for you and as a courtesy it comes with its very own snooze button and will roar by again every 30 - 40 minutes from 5am until 9pm and then start over at 2am the sounds penetrates regardless if your windows are shut. Also beware that the walls and floors are thin, what can you expect it is an old building. You can hear the people above you, beside you, above you as if you were in the same room. Not so good for the late night quickie..LOL

Snow plow service is provided in the winter when it snows more then 3 inches. Most the people there keep to themselves and those that seem like great people persons are wonderful actors.


Review about: The Fountain Apartments.



You are correct.There is not enough common area for people to congregate without disturbing other residents.

As an existing resident, I prefer it that way as do many of my neighbors.

We live here because it is quiet.Glas you have moved on


Funny how Jim is the one making all the defensive comments.Face it Jim, you're really not a people person and your apartments are just way too high for the unit.

There's much nicer out there for the price you ask.And don't forget are not allowed to congregate or sit outside at this complex...for any reason so don't bother putting your lawnchair outside to get some fresh air when the weather turns nice.


If you have a 1 year lease, the rent cannot be raised during the lease term.If you lease on a month to month basis, your rent can be increased with 30 days written notice.

If the increase is not acceptable, you have the option of moving out in 30 days before the increase would take effect. This is standard procedure in the industry. What is terrible about having assigned parking spots for tenants? You never have to fight for a parking spot.

Having an on-site maintenance person is considered an amenity by most residents.If you feel you are always being watched, maybe that's an issue for you to get help with.


Everything this person wrote is true.The walls are so thin you can hear your neighbor cough.

The apartment gets so hot, you feel like you are in a sauna. The landlord is shady and not trust worthy. He told me my rent wouldn't increase for a year and guess what happened six months later??? The trains are so loud, it shake everything in your apartment.

Parking is terrible and there are only 2 vistor parking spots which most of the time are taken anyways.

Oh and his Maintenance guy works next door at the car wash so he will be watching your every move.Don't rent here!


Lots of anger.No anger here, just some facts.Thumper doesn't even mention what price he/she thinks the rent should be.

50% of the residents have lived there longer than 3 years.

There are 2 bldgs on the property.Each one has it's own washer and dryer.Who has ever heard of a "quiet" train?

The 2 "N/A" post were made within 10 minutes of each other.What a coincidence.


I recently went to go look at the apartment, it was a nice place but it is literally right off the Metra train tracks.When I asked the guy showing us the apartment if the noise of the train is loud he said no and that the train rolled around quietly.

All of a sudden a train roared by so fast that my daughter began crying and her hat flew off. I was so mad because he lied. Instead of just telling be yeah there is some noise he flat out lied.

Made me think what else they lied about.NO GOOD!


The Landlord is money hungry and a two faced, over past year of living here there are nothing but issues and ant infested.If I could break my lease I would but the landlord threatens you to stay or legal action would be made.

Parking here SUCKS!!! The snow plowing company pushes the snow where ever he can find an empty spot.

The noise of the metra is LOUD AS ***!Also some of the tenants that are especially close with the landlord cater to his every need like lil ***, they are his eyes and ears.


I know how you feel the Landlord is a great ACTOR!He says he cars about his tenants when all it is to him is a business.

He lies constantly and never follows through with what he says.

Grade F in my book.There is to much headache for the price

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